What is Empowered Prophetic Coaching?

There is no competition in the Kingdom, only community, so we gather to grow!

We are all hard-wired to hear God. 

Empowered Prophetic Coaching is a safe space where you can be intentional about training, developing and growing all aspects of your prophetic gifting. Come fine tune the various ways God speaks to you with a time for activations, connection, coaching and fun. refine your ability to release powerful prophetic words. We believe we are better together and that prophetic people grow best in community. Intentionally limited to small numbers these coaching sessions will allow you to be seen, known, loved, and heard as you refine your gift of prophecy. 

A place were no question is off the table. Be coached and encouraged through challenges, as your destiny is identified and called forth by others around you. Come on the journey, as you are coached into wholeness of your prophetic expression and connect into a community that cares. 

  • Explore Your Personal Gifting and Calling

    Are you an emerging 5-fold prophet or other gifting?

    Are you called into covert and/or overt ministry?

    Safely grow into your calling

    Learn ways of wisdom in your walk as you grow

    Community matters and gives you accountability as you grow

    Identify your sphere of influence and how to operate in it

    Join others who want to grow in their prophetic gifting with intentionality and focus

    Be surrounded by encouraging loving people who celebrate you and your call

    Learn the ways of wisdom of when to hold a word

    Fast track your development in community as you glean from other's journeys including their mistakes

  • Benefits of Empowered Prophetic Coaching

    Convenient - zoom sessions (no travel, accessible recordings to catch sessions missed) *for zoom schedule please see below

    Affordable – 2 hours a month of small group coaching at only $30/month for 10 months

    Personalised - ask questions you felt you could never ask

    Safe environment with healthy and clear values, protocols and boundaries

    Coaching time for questions including questions on the mystical

    Guest Speakers

    Community - meet other hungry ones from around the world

    Committed - space for hungry ones to gather while being empowered, encouraged, equipped, & enlarged

    Monthly gathering

    Empowered prophetic coaching is a safe place for mystics to process encounters

    Personalized coaching through tough seasons and challenging circumstances

    Sessions will be targeted to the specific needs of the small group community as the community grows

  • Variety of the Subjects Covered in Coaching

    Each session will include time for practical activations to refine and develop your prophetic gift

    Discussions on the various ways to hear the voice of God and deliver a prophetic word

    Honor in the prophetic

    Ways of the prophetic lifestyle

    Discover new ways to hear God for yourself and others

    Times of soaking and developing intimacy with the Lord

    Discovering your personal Kingdom identity

    Discover and define your prophetic life purpose & Kingdom destiny

    Learn times and seasons for activating words

    Identifying your effective spheres of influence

    Prophetic evangelism, prophetic intercession and prophetic acts

    Ways of wisdom in the prophetic

    Prophetic consulting techniques

    Demystifying Christian mysticism

    Language of dreams will be covered in discussions and training

    For coaching schedule please scroll down

The Commitment

We commit to you to hold an online space for Christian prophetic coaching and community where you can explore and grow into your sphere and influence, and discover your own specific area of influence, metron and calling.

This program is being offered at a great price to make it available, accessible and affordable to all. Please honour the heart with which we are providing the space. We ask that you do not share any recordings with people who have not paid for the coaching or training sessions. All copyright rests with Verve Ministries. 

Groups will run monthly beginning in October on Tuesday nights at 7-9.00pm Central Time (US).  

No refunds are available for this program - a minimum one year investment of $300 is required.  

It's time for the Hebrews 5:14 mandate to be fulfilled: 

"But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

The word 'trained' is the Greek word 'gymnaso' from which we derive the word 'gymnasium.' This was where men regularly trained (naked) in the ancient Greek equivalent of a sports arena. Paul calls us to consistently train to grow, so we might mature.

To train naked, is to train with vulnerability - being willing to step out, try new things, to be stretched, to grow. To be most effective in this we need a safe community where we can be encouraged, make mistakes, ask questions and then go out into all the world.  This community is being created in response to the Hebrews 5:14 mandate - to train to maturity, in a safe place, where we are seen, encouraged, empowered, equipped, enlarged. A place from which we can step out into life and be loving, powerful & effective Christians, going about the Father's business.

Beth Kennedy BA LLB will be facilitating these coaching and community meetings, with occasional Australian and International guests. Activations may occasionally be facilitated by other qualified trainers. 

Please note: all sessions will be recorded. Participation in our sessions are taken to be permission to record and to have those recordings posted in a private space. Copyright of all recordings rest with Verve Ministries. Parts of recordings might be published in public forums, however your image will not be used without permission.

We hope you enjoy our Empowered Prophetic Coaching  subscription.

Contact us for one-on-one prophetic coaching rates.

*This space is not to replace, but rather compliment the courses we run in Activating Your Prophetic Senses; Identity Destiny Times and Seasons; or Activate Your Prophetic Delivery.

**A community run at a time more suited to Australian/New Zealand time zones will be started in response to demand. Please contact us to be placed on a wait list for priority access when one opens up.

***please note due to heavily discounted cost and limited numbers there is no refund on this training

Coaching Schedule

To accommodate multiple time zones, Beth hosts 2 coaching groups per month. The topics covered in each group are the same and you will have access to the recordings following the session. Feel free to select the time that aligns best with your schedule. In order to establish community please commit to one time. 

USA Dates and Times

all times listed in Central Time USA (CST)

Group 1 – Tuesday Nights 5pm - 7pm 

Group 2 – Tuesday Nights 8pm – 10pm 


November 2023 - Tuesday, 14th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

February 2024 - Tuesday, 13th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

March 2024 - Tuesday, 12th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

April 2024 - Tuesday 16th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

May 2024 - Tuesday 14th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

June 2024 - Tuesday 11th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

July 2024 - Tuesday 16th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

August 2024 - Tuesday 13th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

September 2024 - Tuesday 17th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

October 2024 - Tuesday 15th – Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm

November 2024 - Tuesday 12th - Group 1: 5pm - 7pm / Group 2: 8pm – 10pm


Australian/NZ Dates and Times

All Times Listed in Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Wednesday daytime shifts according to daylight savings in both USA and Australia. Start times shift between 8am and 1pm AEST. 


November 2023 - Wednesday, 15th – Group 1: 10am - 12pm / Group 2: 1pm – 3pm

February 2024 - Wednesday, 14th – Group 1: 10am - 12pm / Group 2: 1pm - 3pm

March 2024 - Wednesday, 13th – Group 1: 9am - 11am / Group 2: 12pm - 2pm

April 2024 - Wednesday 17th – Group 1: 8am - 10am / Group 2: 11am – 1pm

May 2024 - Wednesday 15th – Group 1: 8am - 10am / Group 2: 11am – 1pm

June 2024 - Wednesday 12th – Group 1: 8am - 10am / Group 2: 11am – 1pm

July 2024 - Wednesday 17th – Group 1: 8am - 10am / Group 2: 11am – 1pm

August 2024 - Wednesday 14th – Group 1: 8am - 10am / Group 2: 11am – 1pm

September 2024 - Wednesday 18th – Group 1: 8am - 10am / Group 2: 11am – 1pm

October 2024 - Wednesday 16th – Group 1: 9am - 11am / Group 2: 12pm – 2pm

November 2024 - Wednesday 13th – Group 1: 10am - 12pm / Group 2: 1pm – 3pm


**Please check your local time and date lines - might be subject to change without notice**

Beth Kennedy B.A. LL.B.

Beth Kennedy is an internationally accredited trainer with Prophetic Company Global, and presenter with Empower 2000. Beth’s passion is to activate and equip the Body of Christ to step into the fullness of maturity. Beth and her husband, Andrew, equip and coach people to connect deeply with the Father and hear from God for themselves. They run worldwide online prophetic training groups, practicing the presence groups, and host a prophetic community in Melbourne, Australia to empower and equip Christians from all walks of life. Their apostolic oversight is Isi & Fini de Gersigny - Jubilee Church Sydney, Australia.

Prophetic Coaching Testimonials

“"Beth is extensively trained and experienced, with an in-depth understanding of how the content applies in the real-life situations people find themselves in. Beth not only facilitates learning well, but also delights in, and celebrates with participants."”

Gisele H

“Meeting with Beth has been fundamental in my growth in prophecy and leadership. Beth shares from her lived out experience and asks Holy Spirit-inspired questions that are life-shaping. I have seen extensive growth as I step into my 5-fold calling. ”

Shona S.

“Beth Kennedy I just want to jump in today and share this revelation from Holy Spirit, that through the amazing lessons learned in your classes, the Lord is enlarging my heart & mind to understand discern, and receive His love. He revealed to me that it has changed even the way I carry out my law practice. The Lord said - see the clients are actually drawing near to you not just for your professional help, but I am drawing them to you so that you may love on them with My love and insight! 1 Cor 13:8 takes on another deeper understanding”

Wilan L.

“THANK YOU Beth Kennedy Every class has been a blessing but yesterday was over the top. When we ended it with blessing one another with what we are carrying, WOW that was amazing! The peace and love that enveloped us was magnificent! All glory to God! ”

Darlene D.

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