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Beth Kennedy B.A. LL.B.

Beth Kennedy is an internationally accredited trainer with Prophetic Company Global, and presenter with Empower 2000. Beth’s passion is to activate and equip the Body of Christ to step into the fullness of maturity. Beth and her husband, Andrew, equip and coach people to connect deeply with the Father and hear from God for themselves. They run worldwide online prophetic training groups, practicing the presence groups, and host a prophetic community in Melbourne, Australia to empower and equip Christians from all walks of life. Their apostolic oversight is Isi & Fini de Gersigny - Jubilee Church Sydney, Australia.


“I have really enjoyed this class! I've loved the interaction and ability to practice the prophetic with each other. Beth, I've been teaching people how to hear the voice of God for 30 years but you've given me even new vocabulary and understanding. ”

Lisa P. testimony from Activate Your Prophetic Senses

“Wow!! I was profoundly impacted by Beth Kennedy’s session. Her presentation was supernaturally fantastic. This teaching was so “meaty.” It was enlightening, awe inspiring and truly life changing for me. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to sit under the teaching.”

G.T. Testimony from God is Good

“I enjoyed all of her stories. Beth is so makes you feel this is doable (and a fun adventure with God.)”

L.R. Testimony from God is Good

“Beth is extensively trained and experienced, with an in-depth understanding of how the content applies in the real-life situations people find themselves in. Beth not only facilitates learning well, but also delights in, and celebrates with participants."”

Gisele H. Testimony from Empowered Prophetic Coaching

“I was challenged out of my box in several ways … emotionally and also existentially. ”

M.S. Testimony from God is Good

“It was the most inspiring teaching I’ve heard on Hearing from God and Prophesying. Beth communicates Love and Compassion from the Heart of our Father. I am truly grateful I got the opportunity to hear and receive it! Blessings to all who had there hand in this!”

Debra S. testimony from Vision to Voice

“I've learned more from you in a short amount of time from your teachings more than any other class, and it's not that the other classes don't offer a ton of great teaching and they are very good teachers, but it's your gift of getting the good stuff you teach across spiritually so people can receive it. It's such a blessing!!! Thank you and bless you.”

Karen H

“The purely genuineness of Beth the presentor. The depth of her experience in success stories & her miss-moves & that have equipped her with wisdom & to make a safe environment for learning.”

M.B. from Activate Your Prophetic Senses

“Beth Kennedy is such a Godly woman. You could feel the anointing on her. You can tell that she really wants to train God's children to hear His voice and be able to fulfil their destiny. I enjoyed the stories that she shared.”

J.T. from Activate Your Prophetic Senses

“Beth's teaching applies to those who are new in the prophetic and those who have been moving in prophecy for a long time. Her teaching helps/encourages us to be all who God created us to be.”

E.V. from Activate Your Prophetic Senses

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